We go through life sometimes feeling invincible until something happens to us and we get a reality check with life.

Almost 20 years ago I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse and a heart murmur.  I was told that I was a greater risk for heart disease and would have to take an aspirin a day for the rest of my life to survive.  Being young and having felt like I ate right and exercised enough you can imagine the shock I felt when the doctor told me about my “incurable” health condition.

NOPE! That didn’t resonate with me well and so began my journey with dietary and lifestyle adjustments to improve my health.

And so it did!  It took me a couple of years but I am happy to say that I no longer have it!  Now when I go to the doctor for my checkups, they don’t believe that I ever had it which is why I still have the medical labs from years ago to prove where I’ve come from my journey to a healthier me!

I Know It Sounds Crazy

We aren’t robots. Many of us accept what we are told without taking the time to investigate and examine all options. We may feel it TABOO to question the experts. Isn’t your health, your life worth investigating? If we eat poorly, can we really expect to see healthy results? Think about the choices out there. Sickness, allergies and disease is all too common in today’s society. Food has a powerful effect on your health, mood, self-acceptance and weight loss.

So if you’re trying to juggle it all without a clear understanding… you’re just frustrating yourself even more. Who wants that? The majority of our food supply (both plant and animal) is inundated with disease-promoting carcinogenic chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and/or administered genetically modified growth hormones and antibiotics. We need to learn how to incorporate better food choices in our daily life.

Are YOU in?

Here’s where I come in… if you let me.  As a board certified Holistic Health Coach, my intent is to show you how to reach an emotional place where you recognize food for what it is.  Think about it.  When food is in the right place naturally, you’ll feel that freedom to take control of your life and learn how to:


I’m a health coach that’s in YOUR corner. Let’s make this happen!

About Cynthia BW

My approach is not a “to do” list. It’s a way for you to start where you are now at this point in your life.  Listening to your body to discover what works for you. Sometimes we need a little help in this area.  I’m not speaking empty words.

Now I’m not promising you a quick fix but I do know that you’ll enjoy the journey to a new, healthier you with a lot of delicious and nutritious treats on the way!  The proof will be in how you feel… oh so good!

Wishing You Vibrant Health,


Cynthia Hill, CHHC, AADP, LMT

Languages: English/Spanish/American Sign Language