Strawberry-Cacao Overnight Oatmeal

Strawberry-Cacao Overnight Oatmeal, why?  Well, ever find yourself rushing in the morning and then grabbing something quick?  You know the kind with empty calories that give us an [...]

The Perfect Guacamole

Perfect Guacamole Recipe?  Says who? Wait.  Breathe.  Read on. (thank you…smile) Before I get to the reason why I named it such, let me tell you a brief story.  I love [...]

Coconut Mango Custard

I love Indian food.  I was at an Indian restaurant the other day and they had mango custard on the menu for dessert.  I tried it.  I like it. No, I LOVED it.  It’s [...]

Ginger Protein Power Balls

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hi Beautiful!  Here’s a funny (and a great lesson): My 5 year old comes to me and says “Mommy I need an an energy ball”.  Curious to hear [...]

No Bake Cookie Bites

Follow my blog with Bloglovin If you’re a busy woman, that means you are generally always on the go.  It also means that when hunger hits, you grab whatever you’ve got [...]